Shifting Connected Cars' Security to the Cloud

We secure connected and autonomous vehicles & fleets

Upstream Security offers car manufacturers, app developers, service providers, and fleets a new line of defense by creating a cloud-based shield that blocks cyber-attacks before they reach the vehicle’s network.

remote hijacking

Identity theft


data leakage

Gain real-time visibility on security, privacy,
and fraud alerts 

Real-time data protection

A cloud-based layer-7 security gateway and strong analytics engine protects the integrity and anonymity of the data, while detecting security events and leakage attempts in real-time, before the vehicle’s network is harmed.

A smart and intuitive dashboard

The operational security of cars and fleets is boosted by a smart dashboard that empowers data centers with real-time monitoring and effective reporting.

Leveraging big data and
machine learning 

A powerful combination of cloud technologies, big data, and machine learning enables prediction and instant detection of security incidents, privacy leakages, and policy violations’ attempts from the public network.

SaaS with seamless integration

A non-intrusive SaaS solution operates as a self-managed software and seamlessly integrates with existing technologies, facilitating easy deployment compared to legacy solutions.

Founded by cyber-security veterans

Bringing their rich experience in IT security and product development to the world of automotive security

Yoav Levy
Co-founder and CEO

Yoav brings rich leadership experience in overseeing the development of IT security products, business development, and product marketing for leading companies, including: Check Point, Juniper Networks and Broadcom. He served in a special unit in the Israeli Defense Forces.

Yonatan Appel
Co-founder and CTO

Yonatan specializes in application security and network security, with 18 years’ experience, including in: Check Point, Imperva, and Microsoft. He served in a technological unit in the Israeli Defense Forces’ Intelligence Corps.

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